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Keely Seaman

Chair of Governors

This is my fourth year as a Governor and I am delighted and honoured to have been elected as the Chair of Governors for this school year.

I currently work at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital as a Clerical Officer. Prior to starting this role I worked for a National Training Provider where I have enjoyed a career in Government Funding Training. I am passionate about enabling equality of opportunity and creating choice. Education is the doorway for our children’s future success. It is vitally important to give them the best start in life to achieve their full potential. I am proud to be part of the school’s improvements over the most recent period.

I have two sons who have attended Beighton Nursery Infants over the past 5 years; therefore I bring both my parent and professional experience to the Governor role.

Wesley Pilkington

Vice Chair of Governors


For the past thirteen years I have worked for the South Yorkshire Fire Service, where I currently hold the position of Watch Manager at a busy city station. My main responsibilities include strategic planning, responding and safely managing a vast array of emergency incidents and providing the local community with preventative fire safety information.

I have two daughters, one who is currently a pupil at Brookhouse School having passed through Beighton School and my youngest daughter is in Foundation here.

The reason I took the position as a parent governor is that I strongly believe that the first years of a child’s educational life are so influential and that they can shape the rest of their learning lives. I am passionate that every child should have the opportunity to go through school feeling secure, happy and demonstrate a positive progression through learning.I recognise that the role of parent governor is a vastly responsible one, which allows me the opportunity to work with the school to influence and shape its progression. The challenge and support we as governors provide then helps to ensure the best teaching and learning experience is available for our children both in their academic progress and their personal development.

 Lisa Hindley

I am extremely dedicated to my role as Deputy Headteacher and School Governor at Beighton NI School.

I have 7 years’ experience on the governing body of my previous school and I am highly committed to raising standards in primary education, ensuring every child achieves their full potential independent of their starting point.   

It is vital children develop a love of learning in their early education and feel safe and secure as they travel on this exciting journey through school.   

I share this strong vision with the Headteacher and other governors; together we are devoted to ensure excellence in every area of school.

Jessica Pritchard

 My name is Jessica Pritchard and I have been a qualified Primary School Teacher for 7 years, teaching here at Beighton Nursery Infants for the last 3 years. Recently I have become a Year Group Leader which makes me part of the school’s Senior Leadership Team.

I have experienced working in a range of different school settings, all of which have given me the knowledge and skills needed to create my own philosophy and views on education. I have a passion for ensuring that every child achieves their full potential and I understand the importance of providing all children with the best start in their early education.

Providing our children with the support and challenges they need to flourish is integral for their development. I feel honoured to be teaching the children at Beighton and feel that becoming a governor will allow me to further influence their experience in a positive way.

Working together with a supportive staff team and the governing body, will undoubtedly maintain excellence across Beighton School. 

Nicola Hughes

I have three children, of whom two are currently at Beighton Nursery and Infant School. Since my eldest child started school I had a strong desire to contribute in some way and to be able to make a difference to education and learning. I joined the FOBBINS team in 2014 and I was delighted to be elected as a parent governor in 2016.

My aim is to ensure that children enjoy going to school so they can make positive friendships and gain the knowledge and skills that will equip them to flourish in later life, and to be the best that they can possibly be. I recognise that all children are different, that every one of them are special in his or her own way, and I am determined to work with the school to help them identify children’s abilities, close gaps in inequalities and to ensure all children achieve their full potential.

I have a degree in Nursing and after qualifying worked in Accident and Emergency for a few years before completing a further degree in Midwifery, and since then I have worked at the Jessops Maternity Hospital for the past 10 years. I have a keen interest in the health, wellbeing and the safeguarding of our children. I believe that by ensuring children are happy and healthy that they can get off to the best possible start in life and education.  I am strongly focused on raising standards and improving outcomes for the young children and their families in our local community and across our wider reach area, and feel I can bring a fresh view and be able to see issues from a different perspective.  I am keen to listen to other parents’ concerns and be able to act as a voice to the parents for the school and bring us together as a community, and ask the school to address any issues which may arise.

I am still learning lots about this role and enjoy working with the Headteacher and the team to ensure the school remains an outstanding one and to ensure we make a difference to our children's education and wellbeing, to allow young minds to flourish and also make it a school where children can dream, believe and achieve.

Alison Joel


My name is Alison Joel and I have been on the Governing Body at the school for over 16 years. In my previous job, I spent 12 enjoyable years serving in the Royal Air Force before settling down into family life. My two daughters both attended the school and in my opinion they could not have had a better start to their education. I am currently working at the local Junior School as ‘Inclusion Manager’ which I very much enjoy. Due to my experience in Special Educational Needs, I was elected as the SEN Governor. I am used to working with school staff, parents and a range of outside agencies and am willing to share these experiences as and when required as a Governor.

After all these years on the Governing Body, I am still passionate about the school. I enjoy being part of a team, whose aim is to bring about positive outcomes for the pupils, particularly in relation to their progress and attainment across the curriculum and their social well-being.

 Marina Leflay

I’m a Local Authority Governor at Beighton Nursery Infant School. I chose to become a governor at this school when the eldest of my three daughters began Nursery, 17 years ago.

I believe passionately that early education, stimulation and creativity can inspire a desire to learn that lasts a lifetime. My children are now in university, sixth form and secondary school. My desire is that every child that comes through Beighton NI School receives the very best start to their education it is possible for us to provide.

My main areas of responsibility are safeguarding and health and safety. I also attend the finance sub-committee and the teaching and learning sub-committee. As a former nurse I had lives in my hands. As a governor I have children’s futures in my hands; a responsibility that all governors and staff at Beighton commit to every day.

Clare Barnes 

I am a newly appointed Governor at Beighton NI School and I'm very much looking forward to becoming involved in the school.

For the last 9 years I've worked within the Banking Sector as a Bank Manager. My job involves strategic planning, financial management & problem solving.

I have two daughters and my eldest daughter has attended the school for the 2 and a 1/2 years.

I believe that every child deserves the best possible start in education. That they are happy, stimulated and challenged to achieve their true potential in these early years.

Rajinder Singh 

I graduated Sheffield Hallam University with an LLB Law degree in 2010 and I have been working in the legal sector ever since. I currently work at Taylor Bracewell in the Company/ Commercial Department. My role involves me not only providing sound legal advice to a whole host of businesses and charities but also practical commercial solutions. 

I have 3 children, 2 of whom are currently at Beighton Nursery Infants. My reason for getting involved with Beighton Nursery Infants is because I truly believe that all children should be provided with equal opportunities, regardless of background, to learn and develop the essential tools required for not only further education but also life in general.

I moved to Beighton when I was 13 and I feel that it is important to use the skills and experience I have been fortunate enough to gain, to help the future of our community.

Liam Murray 

 I am a newly co-opted Governor to the school and look forward to contributing to its continued success to give the children the best possible start to their academic careers. I moved to Beighton, and Sheffield, 2 years ago and feel it’s important to contribute to the local area and to give something to the community. I have 2 children, 1 of whom started at Beighton in September, with her little brother hoping to follow suit in a couple of years and so, alongside my determination to support the school, I have a vested interested in its continued success and improvement.

I am a career Civil Servant, and have benefitted from a hugely varied career working across a number of government departments. Having a Maths degree, I’ve largely focused on data analytics and statistics, but have also covered operational deliver, Project Management, Continuous Improvement and Contract Management. I am looking forward to using my skills and experiences to help the school, and ultimately the children, to succeed and to being part of the Governing team.