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Phonics Support

Below you will find a link to phonics tests used over the last five years. You will see that some pages contain nonsense words or 'alien words' that test whether the children can blend sounds together, rather than recalling known words.  Some words are real and might be known to the children. We are trying to encourage children not to guess at the words, but use their sounds to read them accurately. Some of our fantastic readers, find the test tricky because they try to make sense of the nonsense words such as reading 'dack' as 'back'. This is a useful skill to have when reading, but unfortunately doesn't help the children pass the test. 

Please download the following resources to support your child at home and help them to prepare for the phonics screening test in June. We would just recommend reading a few of these words each day so that the children become confident with the screening process. We know family time is precious, so we are happy for this activity to replace other types of home-learning.


Sound Chart

Previous Tests

Pronunciation Video

Presentation for Parents