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P.E and Sport Mission Statement

At Beighton Nursery and Infant School we ran a whole school competition to develop a P.E Mission statement that as a school we strive to achieve together. Orange Class provided us with the winning statement of – ‘Keep fit, Keep focussed, Keep Healthy!’ We believe in providing our children with the necessary skills to achieve our Mission Statement and to access a broad and balanced curriculum that excites, stimulates and is tailored to meet the needs of all our children.

Physical Education provides children with many skills that they can transfer to all aspects of their education and life. As a school we will be working with our children to recognise the importance of staying healthy, team work, self-discipline, and independence and to support them in recognising their own strengths.

 P.E Policy

Please click here to read our P.E Policy. 

 Real P.E

Within school we follow a PE scheme called REAL PE where the children focus on key physical skills over weekly periods. Each skill is taught through exciting stories and focuses on improving the children’s balancing, co-ordination and agility. Throughout each teaching sequence we also focus on one of the cogs of development which underpin this scheme. These are:

Cognitive- following instructions and identifying areas for improvement.

Physical- performing a range of skills with control and linking movements together.

Social- helping, praising and encouraging others with their learning.

Health and Fitness- saying how your body feels during exercise and explaining why exercise is important.

Creative- exploring different ideas and making up rules and versions of physical games.

The children are really enjoying this scheme of work. Make sure to look at your child’s class blog page as there will be different PE challenges set by their class teacher.

Active Children are Happier Children

At Beighton we believe that an active school is a successful school and that active children are happier children. Following the Obesity Strategy improvement plan, we are working to increase the amount of activity that the children are doing within school. In order to do this, we are teaching more active PE lessons, creating exciting, fun extra-curricular sports clubs and making sure that all children have the opportunity to participate in active physical activities and games during their break. It has been suggested that children should be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day in order to help them to become healthier and to prevent obesity. Physical activity can help to increase the children’s concentration levels, social skills and emotional wellbeing. Therefore it is really important that we encourage children to be active both within and outside of school. Below is a link to a website with lots of exciting activities.

Yorkshire Sport

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2017/18 Competitions Calendar

Within our family of schools, there are plenty of opportunities for our children to compete in different sports competitions. Participating in competitions is extremely beneficial as it provides children with the opportunities to develop their teamwork and social skills, as well as developing an array of PE skills. We will also have a School Sports Day and take part in other special events, such as the Sports Relief Mile.

Below is a yearly overview of the different competitions within our family of schools:





Christmas Multi-skills Festival

15th December 2017


Mini Athletics Festival

15th February 2018


Mini Steps Gymnastics Festival

16th March 2018


Dance Workshop

27th April 2018


Westfield Community Dance Show

3rd May 2018


Ball Skills Festival

15th May 2018


Family of Schools Athletics Festival

8th June 2018


 Sports Celebration Assembly

Every term we provide opportunities for our children to celebrate the awards that they have received in sport outside of school. We encourage our children to bring in any sports achievements, such as medals, trophies and certificates from home and we provide opportunities for them to showcase these achievements in our sports assemblies.